Top 15 Best Internet Service Providers for US Citizens

Best Internet Service Providers for US Citizens

Practically, it’s quite difficult choosing the best internet service providers, but still feasible because the internet services have its unique features that suit virtually all kind of business.

Many internet service provider companies have improved their technologies in terms of speed, cost, availability, and internet security of their various internet services.

Here are the lists of the best internet service provider in the US. Mostly, these companies offer their internet services through cable internet, DSL, copper, Fibre-optic services, mobile broadband, and fixed wireless. It is left for the users to choose the best amongst all which internet service that would suit his/her company.

The Best Internet Service Providers

Charter Spectrum:

This telecommunication company is known to be the second largest company in the US, which provides its services under the brand of a spectrum. In 2016, the Charter Spectrum received a Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. The service cost is $29.99 monthly, for a year, at the time its bundled for speeds, commencing on 60bmps. Don’t forget that the telecommunication provides services through broadband and fiber internet service.

Exede Internet

In the year 2012, this company was launched through the ViaSat satellite communication company. Offers a three-year promo.

Service offers- A daily free zone from 3-6am daily. 12Mbps download speed, with 25 Mbps speeds in specified areas.

Cost Plan – $45/month for 12Mbps download speed with 12 Gb data.


One of the largest communication company that offers internet service through DSL broadband, copper, and fiber. Covers about 38 states in the US. Offers no contract.

Cost Plan – $19.99/year, $34.99/2years.


It was founded in 1995 and it’s a cable television and communication company. It covers about 21states, which it covers a wide range only in smaller markets of the Midwest.

Cost Plan: $39.99/month for only 60 Mbps.


This is the third largest provider company and its available in 48states.

Cost Plan – $50/month for 6 Gb

AT&T Internet:

This communication company provides a very high-speed internet service. It covers about 22 states in the US. It offers its services through DSL broadband, fiber wireless, and fiber. Offers unlimited data allowance which is purchased separately. Has a delivering speed starting with 1 Gbps at $8/month.

Cost Plan – $40/month or $30/month when it comes to bundling.


This internet service providing company offers their services across the US and Europe. Covers about 50 states in the US. Mostly mapped out for rural consumers. It needs a two years contract. After two years of the promo, the regular rate appears $69.99.

Cost Plan – $49.99/monthly, then for 25 Mbps with 20 Gigabit data cap it’s $59.99/month.

Century Link:

They cover about 39states and offers internet services through DSL, and fiber.

Cost Plan – $19.95/monthly for 12 Mbps. This is only offered through DSL. This plan needs an unlimited nationwide calling. Fibre offers $54.99/month only for a year term.

Cricket Wireless:

Covers about 36 states in the US through mobile broadband service. This is the fifth largest communication company in the US.

Cost Plan – $30/month for 1 Gb of data.

U.S Cellular:

Offers services through mobile broadband internet service and covers about 23 states in the United States. Specifically for the West and Midwest region.

Cost Plan – $50/monthly for 2 Gb of data plan.

Cable ONE:

It is the seventh largest cable company. This is cable television and telephone service provider companies that offer their services through Cable internet service. Only covers the Midwest and Northwest region which has about 21 states in the US.

Cost Plan – $50/month for 150 Mbps and $80 after the first 3 months.


This is the fourth largest internet service provider company. Offers services through mobile broadband. Covers about 250 million people in the US.

Cost Plan – $70/month

Dish Network

This is the third largest service providing company in the US. Covers about 50 states with the highest coverage in the southwest. Offers services with satellite broadband DSL services

Cost Plan – $49.99/monthly with two years bundle.


They cover about 16 states majorly the South and Southwest. The internet speed kicks off from 50 Mbps – 1 Gb

Cost Plan – $59.99/month for 200 Mbps.

Google Fibre:

Covers about 28 cities in 8 states. The plan is about $50/month for 100 Mbps.

Bottom Line: In order to compare the best internet service providers, you must look into their source of service provision, speed, data plan, cost of the plan, and then promo of the particular data plan. With this idea, you can select the best internet service for your business.

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