The Firstbank Nigeria Ltd. Targets 30 Million Customers, 70% digital transaction

The FirstBank Nigeria Ltd. targets Thirty Million (30M) customers from the entire public, 70% Digital Transactions by 2019

The Firstbank Nigeria Ltd. has set to meet her target by the year 2019. These was disclosed by the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Firstbank Nigeria Ltd during an exclusive interview with the Vanguard Newspaper. The Director tirelessly narrates on the banks target towards her biannual achievement. He spoke on the challenges the bank is solely facing towards its achieving its targets.

He also addressed on the input effort by the staffs to return the bank profitability and also on the problems resulting to setbacks of the non-performing loans (NPL). The Director went further to vividly tell the Vanguard that the current bank management has started implementing  the strategized plans on a three years strategy that will reduce the Non-performing loans to a welcomed regulatory threshold and as well increase customers grounds in the bank.

According to his words “The most important thing is to grow our customers base in the country and having over 30 million customers account” Yes we have about 750 branches in Nigeria, but our target is to open more functional branches within three years in order to accommodate our 30 million customers target in the country. Significant progress is ongoing already with the said data of our current 14 million customer accounts and still keeping counts.

We are aiming on migrating our new customers to an alternative channels to help propagate the bank’s target. Firstbank Nigeria Ltd. is now left with vigorous digital marketing which would enable our customers perform most bank transactions in their respective homes. Alternative channels such as First Online, Firstmobile, Firstbank SMS banking system  How to register for firstbank internet banking USSD and ATM cards (master card, verve card, platinum card, visa card). This is the ongoing plans to improve the system. Statistics has it that about 47% of our bank transactions was done through alternative channels or digital banking. Our plan is to increase the percentage rating of alternative channel users of about 80% by the last month of 2019. These idea is very crucial and we are effortlessly working on it. All hands are on deck because checking up from the statistics, we would complete our current strategic cycle. The Director spoke eloquently well to the Vanguard Newspaper as regards to the current developmental target of the bank by 2019.

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