Step by Step Guide to retrieve your Lost Zenith Bank ATM Card

Zenith Bank ATM Card

Have you lost your zenith bank ATM card, and you are confused on how to find a replacement or retrieve the lost one? Your answers are right here in this article only if you do well to digest the wordings one at a time.

With ease, your new ATM Card is readily available whenever you want to retrieve the lost one. All Nigerian banks always make sure that all their customers are been issued an ATM Card after they must have opened an account with them. So be it whichever means that you must have lost your card, maybe stolen or misplaced, Zenith Bank Nigeria plc. is readily available to issue you a new one anytime.

Zenith bank plc. Is one of the best banks in Nigeria and Africa with a very high capital base. The bank is a reliable one and has about over 3million active account users. So getting back your stolen or lost ATM card isn’t a big deal because that bank always wants it easy and smooth for customers.

Business men, students, civil servants, and other menial job workers in Nigeria that operates with Zenith bank, needs Zenith bank ATM card for easy bank transactions. It is true that sometimes using an ATM card might be so stressful on you most especially when there is service time out, but it is more convenient than standing in a bank queue.

How to Get Zenith Bank ATM Card

In order to get a new zenith bank ATM Card, you must have an account with the bank. Below is the step by step guide to get a new zenith bank ATM Card.

  • Visit any nearby Zenith bank branch in your area.
  • Open an account with Zenith Bank plc. Alternatively, you can as well open an account with zenith bank using your mobile phone.
  • Link your BVN to your new zenith bank account.
  • Exercise patience for about a week for further processing and verifications.
  • An SMS or email would be sent through the number or email address you registered with on the course of when opening the account with the bank. The message would be a feedback on the level of processing of your account, though most times it’s always a congratulatory message that you have an account with Zenith bank.
  • Go back to the bank and make a request of Zenith bank ATM card.
  • A form will be given to you to fill, and after then you drop the form with them for proper processing.
  • The Zenith bank ATM card processing likely takes about 14 working days in which after you must have returned, the card will be given to you and needs activation.
  • How to activate a new Zenith Bank ATM Card
    • Go to any Zenith bank ATM Machine stand.
    • Slot in your card
    • Input the 4digits security PIN that was given to you by the bank.
    • Select the Change PIN option and choose your preferred PIN that will be known by you for security purposes.
    • Then after that, activate your card and keep it safe with you.

    Step by step guide on how to retrieve lost Zenith bank ATM card

    • Visit any nearby Zenith bank branch
    • Make a complaint on how you happen to lose your zenith bank ATM card.
    • Then request for instant termination of the lost card
    • Still, ask for a new card.
    • A form will be issued to you to fill, in which you will come back for 14 working days to get back the card.
    • Then head out to activate immediately.

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