How to Transfer Money using UBA Transfer Code (*919#)

Transfer Money through UBA Transfer Code

The UBA transfer code is the bank code that enables individuals to transfer funds from one UBA account to another. All UBA customers have actually benefited in this transaction code. In as much as the UBA bank of Nigeria has proven to improve in bank deposits through slips, they have also improved in terms of an eazymoney banking system.

The UBA transfer code can be used to transfer money from UBA to other banks in Nigeria through an SMS or USSD codes.

This article will teach you further on how to transfer money from UBA Account through the transfer code to another account with your phone, enlighten you on your account balance after all bank transaction through bank SMS.

How to Transfer Money with UBA Transfer Code using a Mobile Phone.


Below are the under listed steps to follow in order to transfer money or use the UBA Mobile transfer code:

  • The UBA customer who chooses to use the UBA Transfer code on his/her mobile phone must register the number with the bank so as to enable you to run the transfer.
  • Probably the bank allows the particular number you used when creating your account with UBA and has been confirmed that it is activated for UBA Mobile Money Transfer.
  • For you to be able to transfer money from UBA bank to other banks in Nigeria, simply dial *919# on your phone and select the option on your phone screen which you desire for.

Steps to Check UBA account Balance Via SMS and UBA Transfer Code on Mobile Phone


In order to check your UBA account status, you can as well do that with SMS banking UBA Money Transfer code.

For you to do that, simply dial *919*00# with your mobile phone and wait for the account balance or details will pop up on your screen.

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