How to Obtain and Install the Grammarly Premium Free Account

How to Obtain and Install Grammarly Premium Account Free

Have you come cross Grammarly? The very tool that keeps in check your spelling faults and gets them in intact. In this article, I will teach you a step by step guide on how to obtain a Grammarly premium free account.

What is the Grammarly tool all about?

Grammarly tool is an awesome tool that allows a wide a range of usage. It enables you to use the correct word in every sentence that you make.

Where can you apply the Grammarly tool?

Most individuals use the Grammarly tool to write letters, construct social media posts, seal documents, and write articles and ebooks, with good constructive sentences without grammatical errors, typographical errors or mistakes.

Are you still confused about its accuracy?

Well, from my own personal experience, I would say Grammarly is exquisitely a great tool that detects and allows users to correct errors and mistakes accurately.

One of the most impressing thing about this tool is the fact that it won’t allow you write blunders while constructing an article. It sometimes helps to curb plagiarism in most cases. This is an error-free tool or a mistake-free tool. Funny enough there are sentences that when you make sounds so perfect to you but the Grammarly tool will always disappoint you by pointing out your mistakes and giving you the best and the correct sentence suggestion that will fit in.

Here is a thing for you if you still doubt how the Grammarly tool works:

While on the verge of constructing an article, writing a website post, constructing a social media post and along the line, you make the wrong sentence or spell a particular text wrongly, the Grammarly tool indicates this errors by underlining the particular word and sentence with a red line, and when you move your cursor to that particular area, the tool pops up correct suggestions which you have to make a choice of the particular one you actually prefer to fit in the write up.

Can you ignore the Grammarly tool suggestions?

Sometimes, the Grammarly tool gives suggestions that you particularly know that is quite wrong in that context. Well, it’s just the tool suggestion which is left for you to either choose or ignore. This is always seen in cases of some full meaning of most abbreviations. So since you know the meaning and you are fully convinced that you are correct with what you have written, what you do is to click on the Ignore Tab.

Why must you know all this?

Yes, it is very important if you are constructing your blog posts. It helps business a lot of times. It ensures you don’t write blunders as blog posts and feel you have written a superb article. Don’t forget that search engines can hate on error-filled posts and this deals badly on ranking. So why I am telling you this is to allow you boost and maintain your search engine ranking. It will help your business a lot more as an entrepreneur. This is will allow your readers to enjoy reading your blog posts always and it will reduce bounce rate.

Who is the Grammarly tool meant for?

1.      Journalists

2.      Doctors

3.      Bloggers

4.      Content writers as a freelancer

5.      Lawyers

6.      Poets

7.      Company secretaries

8.      Engineers, etc.

In fact, I would rather say, so far writing is concerned on desktops, laptops, and tablets, the Grammarly tool is meant for you irrespective of your discipline or profession. The Grammarly tool really improves one’s writing and spelling skills.

Here are the two categories of Grammarly account:

1.      Free Grammarly account

2.      Premium Grammarly account

It is well known that in order to explore the features of the Grammarly tool so well, the best account to operate with should be the premium Grammarly account. So, there are lots of benefits attached to the Grammarly premium tool than the Grammarly free account. Notwithstanding, you can even get a Grammarly premium free account. The benefits of the premium and the free account will be stated as you read down.

Do you think that the Grammarly free account is cool?

Well, I wouldn’t want to underestimate what the free account is capable of doing. Its features are very helpful most times. Especially, if you are a student or a beginner, you can as well enjoy the free Grammarly account. So don’t see it worthless and value its great work.

Then let’s talk about the benefits of premium Grammarly account

·         The tool keeps your spellings in check and correct grammatical errors

Both accounts correct errors and wrong spellings, but the difference lies in a number of grammatical checks they offer. The free account offers 150 grammar checks while the premium Grammarly account offers 400 error checks. This is where you have to choose the best option for your readers. So if you need your readers to see a low error while reading, you go for the Grammarly premium account.

Improves readability

Well, readability starts from making a correct sentence without errors. The Grammarly tool keeps the wordings in check and suggests the best and correct wordings in replacement of the wrong ones. The beauty of it is that your readers give you a thumbs up for a good readability and a good SEO. This gives you a good Google ranking.

·         Checks out for plagiarism within 8 billion web pages

This is so cool because it actually enables most bloggers to avoid using plagiarized sentences in their blog posts. So the Grammarly has this bots that access your articles and look out for plagiarized sentences. With the Grammarly premium account, you can be able to rank higher in google with a perfect keyword research. What plagiarism actually means is that a particular sentence has been repeated countless of times on the web. This kills google ranking. So try to avoid it.

·         Relates to the Microsoft office

The Microsoft office application gives room for the addition of the Grammarly premium account. So while using the Microsoft office application in documenting some important information, the Grammarly premium will always keep your sentences in check and gives you the right word replacement against any error.

What else are you missing?

How to get a Grammarly premium free. Well, it is highly possible if you promise me you will share this with your friends on social media. Don’t hoard information like this, because they are so helpful. I wouldn’t be happy if you enjoy this Grammarly premium free alone. Because in this case, you don’t have to pay any dime before using it. You get it on a platter of gold.


So here are the 3 steps that work:

STEP 1. Open this Grammarly link

STEP 2. Using any browser network (chrome, Opera mini, safari, or UC browser), download the Grammarly extension or plugin on your PC. It will appear at the right end of your taskbar.

STEP 3. As soon as you are done signing up, you will be redirected to a premium grammarly account.

Must Read: If you really want this to work, you must surely use the link in the STEP 1 above, and the plugin must be installed in your browser.

This first idea that I just dropped is actually a one week premium account. So everything ends after one week. Don’t be annoyed yet I still have something nice cooking below but before you can get access to it, you must have opened an account with the first one using this link I provided grammarly link.


Let’s get started now.

Funny enough there is a referral program here. If you happen to refer anybody to grammarly, then you are in to get a grammarly premium free. This is good when you refer people at least once in a week because your referral bonus lasts for just one week. Here is the simplest trick to do that.

1.      With the account you created with this grammarly link in STEP 1, input your login details to gain access.

2.      Open this grammarly referral program link  in order to gain access to the referral program.

3.      After logging in, your referral code will automatically appear at the bottom of your page.

4.      On seeing the link, copy it immediately. Before you continue now, clear all cookies and caches of the browser you are using. Then, try and uninstall and install the Grammarly extension. Switch to your VPN and open a new window with your PC, don’t forget that you need to turn on your VPN so as to block the Grammarly bot from detecting you IP Location through cookies.

5.      On the new page, you will see a bar space requesting your referral link code. All you have to do now is to paste it into the space provided.

You will be directed to a new page where you will be required to sign up again. Use a different detail here, actually a fake one. Yes, a fake one.

7.      Make sure the sign up is completed, then move over to your main account. Don’t forget to save the fake details of the second account, then delete after a week must have passed by.

8.      Just do this on weekly basis in order to gain access to a Grammarly premium free package.


The Grammarly tool is a very good one, and I advise you to make judicious use of it in writing and publishing. Even if you are a student, a doctor, or any discipline that you found yourself.

I hope you learned a lot about how to getting a free Grammarly account, premium Grammarly account, and above all how to obtain the Grammarly premium free. This is awesome, and I feel so delighted teaching you a new thing today. I will so be fulfilled when you share this wonderful piece with your friends on your social media.

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