How to Check your BVN Identification Number Online

How to Check your BVN Identification Number Online

First and foremost, banks makes it open for a random withdrawals and deposit of individual’s personal money from their respective account. These random transactions are guided by the introduction of Bank Verification Number. All to make our individual life so easy, the Bank Verification Number  paves way for central banks to gain access to banks customer’s transaction details, as well as customer’s personal information. These has really helped immensely in the banking system in Nigeria. Mobile phones can be used to know your BVN number as well because all bank operations are made so easy even at point of carrying out some transactions at com fort of your home.

You really don’t think this is possible, but it’s actually possible. The Internet mobile banking system has really helped the global world. But the most interesting part of it all is that, checking up your BVN identification number on your mobile phone does not require any internet or WiFi access, hence the BVN number can be retrieved anytime of the day 24/7. It doesn’t require any special phone, provided there is a network SIM card in your mobile. All you just need is a code to dial up on *565*0# for the number to pop out. This is only applicable for a SIM network registered by you and with your actual personal details and the number you used in opening an account with the bank. These code is specifically applicable to only MTN network but was extensively directed to all networks (Etisalat, Airtel, Glo) provided the number was linked to your bank account where the registration was done.

Trying to obtain your BVN identification Number attracts some charges from your account. Just a little amount of money will be deducted (N10) from your account.

NOTE: Bank staffs would never ask for your Bank Verification Number nor ask you to your 4-digits PIN to update your BVN number. Only fraudsters would always ask for such. Always be careful with your personal bank information. Don’t leak out to the public for safe keeping.

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