FirstBank Moneygram / Transfer and Receive money through FirstBank

FirstBank Moneygram

FirstBank Moneygram is actually one of the services provided by FirstBank to enable customers send or receive money nationwide from business associates, relations or friends. Customers who choose to receive or send money through moneygram should choose a bank with same network of branches. Money are received from Monday to Friday but from few places during weekends due to geographical displacement nationwide.

Features of FirstBank Moneygram

  • Convenience: Money pick-up at any FirstBank branch.
  • Direct to account deposit is available for Inbound transfers and Direct to account for Outbound transfers is available in selected corridors
  • Reliable: Recipient is assured of getting funds
  • Convenient: Money pick-up at any FirstBank branch
  • Beneficiary pays no charges Fast: Transfer is completed in minutes

Importance of FirstBank Moneygram

FirstBank Moneygram makes it possible for money to be transferred to our loved ones, business associates or friends round the globe. It is the most affordable and reliable means of transferring money hence its fast. It actually allows an expected amount of payment.

Necessary requirements needed in receiving payment sent through Moneygram

Before the bank offers customers the money that was sent, he/she would make provision of the following information’s:

  • Sender’s name and country (city to be included for transfers coming from the US)
  • Acceptable means of identification (see Required  Documents)
  • Fully completed  form
  • Transfer Reference Number
  • Test Question and Answer (optional)
  • Expected Amount

The information’s listed below are required before money could be sent by the bank:

  • A maximum send limit of 1,000USD Naira equivalent per customer per quarter, as stipulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
  • Test Question and Answer, where applicable
  • Amount in Naira
  • The receiver’s name and country
  • Acceptable means of identification (see required documents)
  • Sender’s name, Phone number, address

Vital Documents Required by the Customer

  • BVN
  • Permanent Voters card
  • National Identity Card.
  • Driver’s License
  • International Passport

NOTE: Only individuals at the age of 18years and above are allowed to carry out moneygram transfer or to receive money sent through money gram.

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