FirstBank Master Card with PayPal | Guide in Online Marketing

Link your FirstBank Master Card with PayPal a Guide in Online Marketing

PayPal is one of the best renowned means of payment services in the global world, which allows individuals to make a secured payment through the internet, also creates room to accept payments with no account of revealing the transaction details such as the money received or sent out on the internet. Individuals who accept these means of transactions are mostly online marketers as a result of a positive vibe of guarantied internet security that monitors the transaction and these aides in the reduction of fraudulent online marketing or online scammers.

The E-commerce marketers previously finds it difficult to trust online payment until the introduction of PayPal as a means of payment. It was then appreciated in Nigeria E-commerce sector and those who engage in online business transactions. Prior before the entry of PayPal funds, there are lots of private online firms that enables online marketers make payments online, but because of high value added charges incurred in the transaction, it was rarely trusted nor supported.

Many top business men that engages in online marketing try so hard to acquire a PayPal account for the past years but applauds to the PayPal developers because they really helped most businesses sustain in Nigeria. Now the Nigerian marketers are giving out smiles for the newest development. The development never stopped at just the PayPal introduction to Nigeria, so it was supported by FirstBank of Nigeria LTD. To link customers ATM Cards to their PayPal account in form of partnership in order to make payment easier and convenient.

How to Create a PayPal Account

  1. With your smartphone or desktop, sign-up with PayPal Nigeria website for a Nigeria account
  2. Fill In the form provided with valid personal information
  3. Click on the submit tab.
  4. Access your email and checkout for a mail sent for verification.
  5. Login with your registered email address and password and login to your PayPal Nigeria account.

The steps involved in creating a PayPal account isn’t difficult as it sounds. Where difficulties are encountered is when it comes to linking the PayPal account with the master card or visa card because it involves few protocols like moving to the bank. Not all FirstBank cards supports the linking of accounts, the Verve card is an exception but still has its own special offers which it performs.

NOTE: Aspiring online marketers should always go for FirstBank Naira Master Card to Visa card because they support the linking with the account. Don’t go for Verve cards.

How to Apply for FirstBank Master Card

  1. Move to any FirstBank branch in your area
  2. You will be directed to a customer care service staff who issues you a form to fill.
  3. Fill the form with valid information’s with no formulations.
  4. The bank charges N1000 for processing of the card. It takes 2weeks for the card to be ready.
  5. Move to any close by ATM machine to activate your card and change the PIN.

How to Link First Bank ATM Card with Your Nigerian PayPal Account

To link your ATM master card with your PayPal account, make sure that the account has been verified and activated.  At these point, your PayPal account needs to be verified so it can be able to run most online transactions. This is done by clicking on the “Get Verified” tab on the screen of your smartphone or desktop of your account status, then the page where you fill your bank Master Card details such as;

  • The card number
  • Card expiry Date
  • Card security PIN

These actually links the PayPal account with the FirstBank Master Card which enables you make some bank transfers and carry out some online payment. Bear it in mind that PayPal charges are added to these linking process. About N324.41 equivalent to $1.95 would be deducted from your FirstBank account depending on the banks dollar rate as of the period you are running registration. This is to verify that the FirstBank account is owned by you. A code would be sent to your FirstBank account through mail or text. Make sure that the FirstBank account you are operating with isn’t a dormant account which means the account must be an active one. After 24hours, the money charged by PayPal would be refunded back to you at the end of the linking.

NOTE: You can as well use a FirstOnline Portal to link your Firstank account with your Paypal account. In the absence of the FirstOnline Portal, you can move to your bank and register with them but you will be charge a sum of N2000 which lasts for about 5 working days for it to be verified.

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