Download Diamond Bank Mobile App. on your Smartphones

Download the diamond bank mobile app. on your mobile phone to enable you to transfer money from your account to another bank account and buy airtime credit whenever you wish. 

Among all other banks in Nigeria, Diamond Bank has one of best online banking platform in Nigeria.  The diamond bank mobile app enables customers to have access to most of the latest bank offers and the newest development of the bank. With Diamond bank mobile app, you can be able to perform most bank transactions such as to transfer funds from your account to another bank account, to purchase airtime credit, to generate bank statement and check account balances and as well monitor your account against any unauthorized withdrawal. All these could be done by you without standing in a queue inside the banking hall.

This is so impressive because the bank has improved its SMS banking efficiency which makes Diamond bank internet banking so interestingly amazing.



  • Enables users to transfer funds from one account to another either same or a different bank.
  • It allows users to generate bank account statement
  • You can be able to buy an airtime credit anytime
  • Users of the Diamond bank mobile app can be able to pay lots of bills such as electricity bills, DStv subscription, etc.
  • You can be able to book flight Tickets both for local and international flights.
  • Monitor and access your account, check Account Balance and obtain details of every transaction.
  • You can be able to reach out customer care service staff.

Download the Diamond Bank Mobile App. for Smartphones & Tablets

In order to download the diamond bank mobile app. On your smartphone, you don’t need many things to do nor does it require lots of protocols. Through your mobile phone app. Store, search for the diamond bank mobile app. Or alternatively, you can use the link below to download it immediately.

Click here to download the app on Android for Android

Click here to download the app on iPhone for iPhones

Click here to download the app for blackberry phones for Blackberry


To register and activate the Diamond bank mobile app. You should follow the steps below:

When the app. must have been uploaded and installed, open the app and register.

Click on the “Accept” tab in order to accept the terms and conditions of the app.

For the app activation, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the 16 digits diamond debit card number or your diamond online user ID, then input your account number and click on the “Submit” tab.
  • With the aid of the diamond bank SMS banking system, a user ID code will be generated and sent to the phone number you conduct bank transactions as an SMS.
  • Type the user ID code/ registration code sent to your phone and click the submit button.
  • Choose a personal password. Try not to choose a code that is predictable. Choose the code that you can’t forget.
  • Select four digits PIN and confirm the PIN by clicking the confirm button. As soon as you confirm the PIN number, the mobile app. Logs out. Try the login button and input your login details.
  • You can enjoy the Features of the Diamond bank mobile app. At will.

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