American Consumer Opinion Review: See what thousands of American Citizens are ruminating about online surveys

According to American consumer opinion, most Americans still insists that online survey is a scam but this article would give you an insight into online surveys.

American consumer opinion- scam or legit?

According to American consumer opinion, most Americans still insists that online survey is a scam but online surveys are one of the commonest ways of making money online. These surveys are carried out by companies to check the value of their products or services online.

One of the top online survey platforms is the American survey opinion. The American survey panel was created in the year 1986 as a small survey panel. Being a small survey panel, it’s users were small and they received their surveys through the mail. By 1996, the panel had gone online following the boom of the internet.

This led to an increase in the number of its users with users all over the world joining. To join the panel is free and it’s open to members from all over the world. Despite its name, the panel was created by Decision Analyst which has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can visit the official website which is

The panel is designed to compensate its users through the issuing of points with a total of 100points equalling $1. To cash out you need to have made up to at least 1000points which are about $10. Payment options are also available. You can decide to receive your payment through your PayPal account or you can receive it through check. There is also an option for you to donate the money to charity.

How does the American Consumer Opinion Work?

The panel, unlike other survey companies, does not post the surveys online instead you receive the surveys via youremail. The mail is sent by the company’s vice president Ann Parks. Contained in the email is a link to the web address where the survey is to be done.

This means that you cannot choose to participate in a survey you want since you do not have the link unless it is sent to you. If you receive a survey, you can earn between 100 points and 500 points.

A short survey consisting of 20 questions can also be sent to you. This survey is called a screener. A completed screener can earn you between 10 to 50 points depending on the type of survey. Also, note that a screener with a lesser point compensation should not be ignored as the more screeners you complete the more your chances of getting full surveys increases.

A referral can also earn you 5000 points if the person you referred goes ahead to become a panelist with American consumer opinion. Because of these few numbers of points compensation from referrals majority of users prefer to do just surveys instead of referring people.

The major disadvantage with American Consumer Survey panel is the limited number of surveys that one can qualify for and this is a common problem with most survey companies. American survey the company has explained that in a year several survey invitations are sent out and through your individual demographic you stand more chance to get survey invitations, therefore, you need to be diligent and work to create a good profile.

American consumer survey panel also allows you through their affiliate marketing program to put a banner on your website and if a visitor to your site clicks on that banner and then goes on to sign up, the company will pay you 50cents. So the more people that click on the banner, the more money you make. If you don’t have a website, you can refer people via a link. Note that the money you can make is very small and you might as well make better use of your time.

American consumer opinion conclusion.

The American consumer survey panel has proved to be legitimate with over 20years experience and a user base of about eight million worldwide. Making of money through surveys online is not really profitable since you earn little to nothing and for anyone who wants to earn a good living online, this survey panel or any survey panel is not the place for you.

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