5 Simple and easy steps for Immediate Facebook account Recovery

5 Simple and easy steps for Immediate Facebook account Recovery

This article will guide you on the simplest way to your Facebook account recovery. So do not panic if you must have tried some other steps but couldn’t reach your goal.

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You can recover your hacked account or your blocked Facebook account in an easy way. Even if you must have forgotten your Facebook account password, that doesn’t mean that nothing could be done. So with this simple steps that I have actually laid down to be digested by you, to recover your account is as swift as rising up from bed early in the morning.

Step 1. Do you still have your Facebook account logged in any device?

When you try to make any Facebook account recovery, ensure that your account isn’t logged in any other device. Being logged in to any browser, tablet, or iOS app of your phone can disrupt the action further steps to take on the account recovery.

Before stepping to step 2, make sure that you are only logged in to one browser of your device, then proceed. You can follow this step if it is a case of hacked Facebook account.

Step 2. The Default Facebook Account Recovery stands as the next option

As soon as you must have logged in to your Facebook account on your phone browser, click on the Facebook account recovery page and try gaining access to the page by using the email address or the mobile number you used while creating your Facebook account. Don’t forget that your Facebook username is still feasible in this situation.

Identify your Facebook identity by checking if the Facebook account details are same as yours so as not to get stocked halfway. Ensure that the email is still accessible with your password in order to get access to the Facebook recovery code that would be sent to you.

Alternatively, your mobile number can as well serve. If you have confirmed that the details are all valid, proceed by clicking the Continue button. You will be required to either receive your Facebook recovery code through email or phone number.

You have to choose the one that you have access to. Then go to your email account and check if you got the recovery code already, alternatively check your phone inbox.

In cases where you happened not to receive anything, you can click on the Resend Code Button. If fortunately, you get the code, enter the recovery code on the required space for the code, your Facebook account will fully be accessible to you.

In cases where you must have found out that your account was hacked, it is highly advisable to change your password immediately. With this information, you can have a secured Facebook account without stories of hacking.

If this step didn’t work out for you, proceed to Step 3 and try it out.

Step 3. Check your Facebook account information.

Your Facebook profile details are very critical in securing your Facebook account, in which when tampered or changed Facebook most times blocks the account immediately for security purposes.

Most especially when they get information that a particular account was hacked and spams are sent, that shows that the account is in jeopardy. Yes, something could be done. If the email and password you must have entered was invalid according to the Facebook algorithm that means it has been changed.

In order to bypass this issue, head to the recovery page and click the tab on the left end of the page that asked the question you no longer have access to this? You will be required to enter a new email address or mobile number, so as to be able to pass the necessary information. Click on the continue tab.

You will be required to answer a security question which needs a valid answer. This security question is that which you were asked on the verge of creating a Facebook account. So you have to provide the same answer when you previously creating the account.

Alternatively, you can make use of a trusted contacts, where Facebook requires you to provide at least one full name among your trusted contacts.

In this, case you have really exercise patience for the recovery process to go through.

Step 4. How you can handle a hacked Facebook account

How you can identify a hacked Facebook account is when you get to see that your updates are filled with unauthorized information or post. This is actually called Spam Facebook Posts.

As soon as you just noticed that your account was hacked, create a spam Facebook account report. This is to show that your Facebook account was compromised.

You will be required to change your password immediately by so doing, Facebook will pick your report and block off the hackers to gain access to your account.

This helps Facebook to tighten up the security of the account owner and giving out tips on how to personally guide users account from being hacked. You can go through the Facebook Security Tips on how to keep users account safe from being hacked.

Step 5. What to do if you still can’t access your account

All you have to do in this case is to send an email to Facebook through their security email address security@facebookmail.com and give every detail of your account for an identification,

You may be required to send in your recent passport photograph, or any government issued a document like driving license and international passport. You have to wait for about 5days for identity clarification. So it’s advisable to use your real name while creating a Facebook account.

Bottom Line: Facebook account recovery is easy if you follow the above steps and needs you to exercise patience and wait while the process goes on. Don’t be in a hurry to creating a new account.

Look: I have had series of stories about the inability to recover blocked accounts. Don’t freak out because someone might be using your profile details for another account, with same profile pictures. This can warrant Facebook to block one of the accounts until necessary clarifications are made.

Here are few recommendations from the author of this article to enable you to keep your account safe

Cases where you must have tried using the above steps to know if you can be able to recover your blocked or hacked account and turns out that I didn’t work out, just go ahead to create a new Facebook account immediately. But make sure you make a report to Facebook on the old account.

Try as much as you can to log out your account from any other device that is not yours after use. Apply two-factor authentication for security purposes.

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