20 Saving Money Tips for Nigerian Students

20 Saving Money Tips for Nigerian Students

So you ask yourself how well I go about utilizing my monthly budget wisely. Most college students overlook the power of having a steady budget and end up in series of debts that has made them leave school and turn dropouts.

You got to be smart in order to deal with the situation of things like these. Always keep it in mind that the secret of making money is trying to ration your ways of spending money.

So with the following saving money tips, you can be able to handle yourself financially if you really know what you are doing actually. Don’t forget that your Naira is safe in your hands.

  1. Don’t buy textbooks that you won’t use for the session, look for whom to borrow from.
  2. Try not to make impulse purchases.
  3. Don’t go to clubbing with your last card, it’s very risky.
  4. Try and limit the times you go out to eat, culture the habit of cooking at home.
  5. Avoid smoking or drugs and bridge drinking habit. All this could turn you to spending money carelessly.
  6. Try as much as you can to pay your bills when due. Such as (electricity bills, credit card bills if any, hostel charges for utility repair).
  7. it’s wise to establish good credit card history so try to handle one.
  8. Don’t carry cars to school because the maintenance cost might be too high for you to handle.
  9. Try and live with others so you can split rent and utilities.
  10. If you have a DStv in the house or any connected cable, try and cut it off because their charges might not be affordable.
  11. Use Tariffs that charges less on calls and data usage, this would help you spend less on them.
  12. Don’t be a glutton and try to eat the less expensive meal.
  13. Don’t go for clothes of high grades, try cut your coat according to your size.
  14. sell-off properties you no longer make use of and use the money wisely.
  15. Don’t buy unnecessary gadgets in the name of decorating your room. Always buy what you actually need for survival.
  16. Always take advantage of your campus social events and don’t waste your money on outdoor social events.
  17. Open a savings account while in school, this will help you so well that you won’t be broke after school.
  18. I know you think less about investing but just know that you can invest in BTC and bet me you won’t regret that in the long run because your money grows like grass.
  19. Make out time for yourself to think about your life and the way forward in life. It’s so bad that some people plan their birthday more than they plan their life.
  20. Cut out friends who discourage you to work hard. Spending money lavishly isn’t a good deal to try and utilize the little you have.

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