10 Best Ways of How to Make Money Online in Nigeria with Google

10 Best Ways of How to Make Money Online in Nigeria with Google

Here is the interesting part of it in Nigeria, and that is “best ways of how to make money online in Nigeria”. Yes, making money is everybody’s dream but most people still ask questions like:

  • How to make money online in Nigeria with Google
  • How to earn money online with Google
  • Easiest way to make money online fast in Nigeria
  • How to make money online without spending a dime
  • How to make money online in Nigeria on the internet.
  • How to make money with Google without a website.

Well, all these questions will be dusted at the end of this article. Google is actually one of the biggest companies in the world. Making money is easy with Google even to the point beyond your imagination. Search Engine is the sole ultimate determinant of making money online with Google.

One interesting part of it is that Google makes money even as you can make money as well. With the right Google Tools, you can make millions of Naira with Google this year. Here are the recommended Google tools to make money this year:

  1. YouTube
  2. DoubleClick Network
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Blogger
  5. Android
  6. AdSense
  7. Affiliate Network etc.

With this tools listed above, you can be successful in making huge money with Google this year.

There is no doubt saying that Google is a big company. Working with Google is the best that can happen to you. They actually would find it difficult employing everybody but talking about partnering with Google? It’s the best thing.

The Amazing 10 Best Ways of How to Make Money Online in Nigeria with

  1. YouTube

This is one of the ways of how to make money online in Nigeria without paying a dime. YouTube is actually a platform which permits users to upload videos to the internet. You can share lots of videos through YouTube and from so doing earn your money online without owning a website in Nigeria. What you are to do is to make money out of these videos uploaded by programming AdSense to it. With this, I bet you that you will feed your family with money made through Google AdSense in Nigeria.

  1. Blogger

With Blogger you can money online with Google. Actually, Google owns and manage blogger. The platform is free and as such, you can make money online with Google without spending a dime. With Blogger, you can set up blogs.

Blogging is all about writing on something you have the passion for. You should be knowledgeable on that particular thing. So you can virtually start up your own blog and share your knowledge with your audience.

The interesting about blogging is that you tend to learn more and if you have got massive audience or readers, you will be able to pull more traffic to your blog website. With that on your mind, you can easily make money with AdSense, and also running affiliate sales online.

  1. Google Jobs

This all about getting to work with Google directly. You don’t have to work from home this time around. The Google office located in the United States awaits you. So you can apply for any Google job entries when it is advertised on the internet.

  1. You can as well write a book

Writing a book does not necessarily mean to write and publish for sale, No. You can write books and make money with Google. So if you can pin down a particular information vividly well, that means you can succeed in making more money on the internet web with Google.

You can sell Google physical products online and make your money with Google.

You can as well make money through developing an App. either for mobile or PC usage only for Google Android. You can advertise the app and sell it per download.

  1. Consulting

Being a consultant for a particular thing is very beneficial. This is because you can monetize your work by teaching others who wish to learn that same thing in particular. Like in cases where you are good at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), teaching people would be a great deal. Another means of monetizing the consultancy knowledge is when you create an e-course membership program to teach people about SEO.

  1. Google AdSense

With Google AdSense, you can make huge money online. This is quite the most popular way to earn money online. The Google AdSense has programmed in such a way that it runs ads on your blog or website and by so doing, you earn money from it. So if your website attracts more visitors, then you stand a chance of making millions from your blog.

Individuals who manage a blog or a website that gets more viewers (traffic) every day, should monetize the blog with Google AdSense. Users should learn about the rules guiding the use of Google ads on blog websites. S applying some disciplinary rules and carefulness should be employed.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google shows lists of search results with their respective domains according to Google rankings. Google rankings depend on lots of facts. High authority blog websites take the first page of any search query.

In order to increase Google ranking, Search Engine Optimization should be the key fact. A good SEO work attracts Google bots to crawl your website and offer you a good ranking.

So bloggers are advised to do great SEO job on their website articles but in cases where you can’t handle the stress from the frustrations, you can hire an SEO expert to help you grow your website. With the power of SEO, you can know more about how to make money online in Nigeria.

  1. Google Checkout

This eases the payment you receive from your client. It is owned by Google and it’s a payment handling program. It aids the powering of Google earnings. It is a convenient way of payment and Google Checkout handles this so well that I recommend you to try it out.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Actually, you can’t make money with Google using Google Keyword Planner. What it does is that it helps you make more money and increase your earnings. It will enable you chose keywords that will increase your website visitor hence boost your traffic. It attracts more people to your website. That is the most important to check out. All you have to do is to optimize those keywords to your website.

It has really helped me immensely, so I recommend it to you now to adopt the use of Google Keyword Planner.

  1. Google Adwords

This is related to Google AdSense but it has differences too. The Google Adwords is basically used for Google adverts. It will attract more people to your website and by so doing increase your earnings as long as the ads run.

Google Adwords is very useful because your website runs like an advert on people’s website provided that they are connected to the internet. So run Google ads and earn more money.

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